Vote for Amigos

One of our IVPA Members is in the running for the Chase”Big Ideas” contest $500,000 prize!

So support a great volunteer organization by getting on Facebook, liking the Chase Community Giving and vote for Amigos. Here is a link to the voting page:

Below is some information on Amigos and their “Big Idea”.

AMIGOS’ Big Idea is to empower young people to be leaders, today and tomorrow. With $500,000 we can open doors to one of this country’s most exciting and effective youth leadership programs. With $500,000, young people with big dreams from families with few resources will become agents of change, who facilitate meaningful, community-based growth. With $500,000, young people will return home after a life-changing experience within the Americas full of ideas and hope, and secure in the knowledge that they, too, can make a real impact in this global world of ours. With $500,000, a small idea that began 46 years ago – building communities through youth leadership development – can welcome hundreds of new faces of today’s Americas into a future that they will define. With $500,000, AMIGOS will strengthen intercultural relationships within the Americas and make it a better place – one young person at a time. Vote now to support the development of young leaders across the Americas!

Voting for Round 2 runs from May 19th through May 25th.

Winning this contest is a very attainable goal if we can get all Amigos and their networks to vote. Please vote now and forward this message on to your friends to help us win the biggest award yet, and all they have to do is click “Vote for AMIGOS” on Facebook!

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