Voluntourism and “Do-Good Vacations”

IVPA Members Cross-Cultural Solutions and Globe Aware were recently spotlighted in a Huffington Post article titled “Making A Difference: The World  of Giving — Voluntour and Do-Good Vacations”

Cross-Cultural Solutions and Globe Aware were highlighted as quality organizations with great reputations, and flexible options for a volunteer vacation.

The article also focused on “Do-Good Vacations” and states:

“Do-Good Vacations are money raising adventures combined with European vacations to Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Scotland and Spain and include nights in historic castles and visits to lesser-known areas. Do-Good Vacations are about traveling to a distant land, working with a nonprofit outfitter to raise money for a cause — unlike voluntouring you will not be working with the local community and its residents.”

To be honest I haven’t heard much about these type of fundraising vacations. One of the examples the article gives is For A Cause which combines the fundraising concept of participating in  races, like “Race for the Cure” with traveling.

I agree that this sort of fundraising vacation wouldn’t fit into the concept of volunteering abroad or voluntourism but it is interesting how the traditional lines of vacation, volunteering, sustainable travel etc are being blended.

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