Global PeaceMakers Now Accepting Applications

Service For Peace’s Global PeaceMakers program is now accepting applications for summer placements in Dominican Republic, Ghana, and Israel.

The Global PeaceMakers program is founded on Service For Peace’s philosophy of serving with a long-term investment in partner communities. Applicants accepted into the Global PeaceMakers program will collaborate with local community members on country-specific projects. Participants will work alongside local volunteers in building personal leadership and peacemaking skills through service. In addition to service opportunities, participants will be able to see and experience the local culture and beautiful sites close to their country project.

Global PeaceMakers projects bring together young adults from nations throughout the Americas and the world in an effort to offer models for intercultural cooperation through service. In the Dominican Republic, volunteers will collaborate with local community members to build a Model Classroom in the community of La Represa. In Ghana Global PeaceMakers will work with local volunteers to initiate a community poultry farm and in Israel, volunteers will join youth from diverse backgrounds and nationalities to deliver valuable education and meaningful relationships with special needs kids in one of Jerusalem’s impoverished areas.

Application deadlines are fast approaching, Israel, May 4th; Dominican Republic, May 26th; Ghana, June 16th. To apply visit Service For Peace and fill out an application.


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  • Sergey says:

    There’s a line to be drawn somewhere Gemma bteween doing things because you love them (and being willing to do things just because you love them), doing things to promote yourself and your skills AND being taken for a ride! I’m not sure where that line is, and I guess it’s different for everybody, but with the economic climate at the moment people seem to be looking for something for nothing even more than before. Not good.

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