Global Citizens Network Highlighted in Upcoming Book

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Global Citizens Network has been highlighted in an upcoming book, How Maps Change Things by Ward L. Kaiser.

In the book Kaiser examines cartography and the sociopolitical implications of maps. Global Citizens Network was featured because their Minneapolis headquarters houses a 16-foot Peters map. A Peters map is an area accurate map that shows the world’s surfaces in more accurately proportional sizes than other maps.

The Peters map was commissioned by GCN and is the worlds largest. As an organization committed to cross-cultural understanding and global cooperation, GCN commissioned the map to highlight the equality of space the map represents.

The map covers the wall of a conference room and is also great talking piece.  GCN staff member, Laura Kurland said, “my favorite story about this so far was when a delegation of Latin American civic society leaders arrived in our office. When we took a break during the meeting they all ran over to the map and discussed their observations about the proportions and sizes.”

How Maps Change Things: A Conversation About Maps We Choose and the World We Want by Ward L. Kaiser will be available as an ebook March 2012 and in paperback June 2012.

About Global Citizens Network

In partnership with people of diverse cultures, GCN promotes cross-cultural understanding and interconnectedness through authentic immersion experiences. Global Citizens Network seeks to create a network of people committed to: the shared values of peace, justice, respect, cross-cultural understanding and global cooperation; the preservation of indigenous cultures, traditions and ecologies; the enhancement of the quality of life around the world.

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