IVPA Updates for the Field 7.17.15 – News!

Hello all!

If you do not know already, our Executive Director, Ms. Genevieve Brown, periodically updates IVPA members and staff about international volunteering making the news. Here are a few articles to definitely check out!

The first one is by the Huffington Post, who posted a lengthy infographic on how volunteering can get you get your dream job. Check it out here!

The second piece of news comes from Reuters, who recently published an article expressing concern over the international volunteer industry’s expansion. The article also calls for more regulation on international volunteering.

And lastly, US News Travel published the article Voluntourism 101: The Dos and Don’t for Planning a Volunteer Vacation. The article delineates some differences between an international volunteer organization and voluntourism.

All the news stories are hyperlinked to their respective stories. Enjoy reading!

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