Become a Member Organization


  • Become certified by the IVPA Membership Committee to meet the IVPA’s Principles and Best Practices
  • Have been incorporated for at least 2 years
  • Have an office in the United States


  • Be a recognized leader in the field of international volunteerism
  • Best Practices — a set of principles and practices which are affirmed by all IVPA members, designed to promote best practices in the field of international volunteerism
  • Have detailed listings on the IVPA website and search and direct links to your website
  • Participate with professional development trainings
  • Network and share information with peers in a safe and collaborative environment
  • Be featured in the quarterly IVPA e-newsletter
  • Attend the annual IVPA Member Meeting
  • Appoint representative to cast votes concerning governance and activities
  • Use the IVPA logo on your organization’s website and in printed materials
  • Special IVPA logo identification on the review websites as sign of accreditation.

Application Process

The first step is to contact IVPA for a screening interview. Once the application and fee have been received the Executive Director will review the application and report to the application committee, who then votes on final approval.


IVPA membership dues are set to the size of the organization. There is a one time, non-refundable $300 application fee for all applicants.

Dues for membership are based on current operating budgets. Membership years run concurrently with calendar years. Membership fees for partial years will be apportioned.


$100,000 –

$500 –
$1 million

$1 million –
$2.5 million

$2.5 million –
$5 million

$5 million