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Travel with a Purpose

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Dreaming oftraveling abroad? Take part in an exciting volunteer abroad program and work with communities across the globe.  The volunteer programs combine the overall experience of travelling abroad with volunteering and making a difference. The benefits range from learning new language skills to career advancements, see the list below.

  • A Sense of Giving Back: volunteering abroad can have a truly meaningful impact on you as an individual, and on the community in eed. The projects you will work on and the citizens you will meet and work with will remind you of the value of altruism. Volunteering abroad is a way of giving back, with the understanding that you, and the community are working towards a common goal.
  • Gain New Skills: while volunteering abroad, you will often be faced with challenges you had never faced before, and you must tackle them head-on. In this process, you will gradually learn new skills – learning from the community members as well as your own project experience. While working on the project and after it has been completed, you will realize a transformation in yourself – one that will continue to resonate with you for the remainder of your lifetime.
  • Improve Language Skills: while volunteering abroad, you will have the opportunity to speak to locals in a foreign language – and the best part – you will come to appreciate their native tongue. You will constantly be challenged to speak the foreign language to the best of your ability, while learning new words and cultural expressions.
  • Cultural Experience: as we all know, only through living as part of a community, will you be able to truly experience the culture and its value to the locals. While volunteering abroad, you will live and socialize in the community. Whether it’s a rural community in Europe or an urban community in Africa – you will get acquainted with the customs, food and activities of the community that will make your experience a rich cultural experience.

Make a Difference: Volunteer Abroad During Spring Break

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After several months of hard work, students are eager to enjoy their spring break – but when considering their options, many are enrolling as volunteers, to partake in international service trips. These service trips are about improving the lives of others, gaining first-hand experiences and having a profound effect on an international community.

Several organizations organize 1-week or 2-week long service trips that allow students to make a positive impact on a community while also sharing their skills and learning from the locals. The volunteers work with schools, local governments, community groups in rural villages or urban communities. Below are three organizations offering spring break volunteer projects:

Cross-Cultural Solutions Spring Break Service Projects – Costa Rica? India? Guatemala?

Cross-Cultural Solutions is an international nonprofit organization that operates volunteer programs around the world in partnerships with community initiatives. For Spring Break 2013, they are offering volunteer programs in Costa Rica, India and Guatemala. Click here fore more information.

Global Citizens Spring Break Service Projects – Learn, Expand and Experience

Global Citizens Network provides international and domestic short-term, service learning projects for students that allow for authentic cross-cultural immersions. The Spring Breaks Service projects allow volunteers to expand their cultural awareness by living in a village, interacting with the community members and gaining insights into the citizens’ lives. Click here for more information.

Project Abroad Spring Break Service Projects – A Week Long Cultural Exchange!

 Project Abroad works with local colleagues at all levels, with an extensive network of local knowledge that enables all volunteers to truly experience a cultural exchange. The 1-week long spring break service projects range from building homes or working in orphanages in Jamaica to helping protect endangered species in Mexico. Click here for more information.