Meet the Balmediano family

When a person commits their life – no matter how much or how little of it – to true volunteer service, they often do it for no reward, other than the fulfillment of bettering the world. However, it is always wonderful to see people making headlines for their tremendous work and dedication to the field of volunteer service.

Today’s spotlight is dedicated to a very special family in the Philippines: the Balmedianos.

Philippines: Legacy of a volunteering father

Apreillou Balmediano (right) standing next to brother Bryan and his family (photo taken from

When Benny Balmediano suffered a cardiac arrest in 2004, his son Bryan successfully resuscitated him with his first aid training as a volunteer for the Phillippine Red Cross (PRC). After this life-altering event, Benny, alongside Bryan, joined the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement as a volunteer driver and emergency responder for the PRC. He even encouraged his daughter, Apreillou, to join as a volunteer as well.

However, on the night of February 19, 2012, while responding to an incident in Kidapawan City, Benny died in an explosion while trying to shield Bryan.

Their father’s death has drastically impacted the lives of Bryan and Apreillou, but they have decided to continue their volunteer work with the Red Cross. Together, they have been saving countless lives through their efforts to both preserve the lives of the people in the Philippines, as well as the the legacy of their father, Benny.

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