Introduction: Volunteer International Blog

We live in a global community. Economies are increasingly interconnected; the internet provides access to a world of information; people are more aware of current events; yet, as individuals, organizations and nations grapple with the effects of war, natural disasters, and extreme poverty many of us live somewhat removed from today’s problems.

One way that people seek to connect and help is through international volunteering. In the United States and Europe, international volunteering has become increasingly popular. Whether it is through short-term volunteer trips or longer term commitments like through WorldTeach’s teaching program or the Peace Corps, volunteers usually come away from their experience with a widened perspective of the complexity of the problems they are trying to impact and with a renewed determination to make a change in the word.

This blog, Volunteer International, seeks to highlight some of the current issues in international volunteering as well as give inside perspectives from volunteer sending organization and their volunteers, so come back often and add your comments.

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