International Volunteers Found in the United States and Abroad

We often focus on the idea of Americans or Europeans going abroad to volunteer but international volunteerism is happening all over the world. Take for example the United Nations Volunteer (UNV) program. In 2008, Keyna sent 206 volunteers abroad to volunteer with UNV. Another example is Atlas Service Corps. As an innovative nonprofit based in Washington DC, Atlas Service Corps brings mid-level professionals from developing countries to come to the US and serve for a year as a fellow.

While these two examples focus on skilled volunteers, I enjoyed a recent article in Denver newspaper about young volunteers from U.S. and Germany, Sweden, Egypt, Spain, the Netherlands and the Philippines volunteering together at the Denver Indian Center as part of CISV International project.

We might not hear much about international volunteers coming to the US to volunteer but it is exciting that ideas like cross-cultural understanding, cooperation, and voluntourism can be found in our own back yard.

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  • Linda Stuart says:

    Genevieve – I appreciate this post because it reminds us of the need to both celebrate international volunteerism happening around the world as well as close the gap between those who can access such an opportunity and those who cannot.
    Hats off to the orgs you mentioned doing such great work!

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